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Susan Kay Dahl is a Lord-Loving, Bible-Believing Spark of JOY. Through rapid-fire, humorous visuals, analogies, riveting stories, random songs and Scriptures you'll be entertained, inspired and equipped to wake up smiling and refreshed, every morning, ready for anything.

Can you order a Custom Made SEX TALK?

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She was so excited to tell us the rackets were getting paid for. She was in the car with her baby, who was sleeping at the time in his car seat. In her excitement, though, there was a hint of disappointment--she found out after the fact that she could have customized the color of the [...]

The LIE in BeLIEve? Let it OUT!

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Ever build a FORT? Every Christmas Eve my four children build a Fort in the ‘ping pong room. They create something that takes most of the day to configure, but it gives them a place to reminisce. They bring out the notebook that illustrates last year’s design and their lists of who knows what. My [...]

STORMS Never Last! KEEP Going. KEEP Giving.

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Lately I have been feeling kind of sick. Low grade fever, aches, chills, no appetite. It has been a while since I felt dizzy and lethargic, not able to find humor and wanting only to sleep. Anyway, It stormed today with quarter size hail and 70 mile per hour wind gusts. It was scary-amazing. I [...]