Lately I have been feeling kind of sick. Low grade fever, aches, chills, no appetite. It has been a while since I felt dizzy and lethargic, not able to find humor and wanting only to sleep. Anyway, It stormed today with quarter size hail and 70 mile per hour wind gusts. It was scary-amazing. I loved watching the ‘shelf’ cloud approach as the green ominous sky held a creepy, eerie presence above the city. The lightning show was incredible. Listening to and watching the storm was kind of emotional. It reminded me of the “storms” we all face on so many different levels.


Everyone has a STORM story. I am feeling a  bit lousy and then I started reading how people lost newly sided garages to the wind gusts. All the fallen trees, lost power, and the hail damage made me feel a strange kind of better. At least I was safe. Our power was still on and the hail didn’t damage anything valuable. Storms come to ALL of us. If we are ready to deal with the aftermath, we will be fine. Nobody can predict ahead of time with the kind of accuracy that will prepare us. Right?


In spite of the way I felt, I went with my husband to the store. We ran into a student who was very excited to see him and ask about MFL – which is his original creation: MATH FOOTBALL LEAGUE. Kids have loved it for years. They remember long after their middle school years just how much it applied to life and math. That’s the point. You never know, as a teacher, who you you are going to have an impact on. While I was quietly proud of him for his invention that has proved successful, I was having a bit of a self-pity party.


Then we went to a grocery store and the checkout clerk, who had been a former student, looked up and noticed me. I commented how he had grown about 8 inches since middle school and he went on to rave about the inspiration I was in his life. He said, “Ever since your class I have started eating healthier and working out and lost 8 pounds. I feel better and I know it was YOU that inspired me to change. I wanted to thank you for that.” TEARS. Every day we sow seeds and we never know what will land on fertile soil.


Life is worth living. Keep going. Keep GIVING.

I love to believe that people who grieve are going to be BLESSED!

Who could have guessed?


When you are experiencing a “STORM” of emotional angst, remember that you have an effect on everyone in your life. YOU make a difference. Sometimes it’s a gust of wind, Other times it may only be a few raindrops. You may not even see the aftermath for years. Trust that the storms will come. They never last! What WILL last is the way you make others feel. The advice you give and the time it takes to show you CARE. Be the “Rainbow” to someone you love today. Show them kindness. Don’t wait.