A ONE woman show who is funny but fair

You won’t believe what she’s going to share

TIPS for “the TALK” – It’s for Parents who BALK

It’s serious humor and also a GAME

TOP TEN things you need to name!


Listen to her – she’s for REAL… Mildred, then there’s Jeri Neal –

Lady Caroline, Maddie and MORE – Oh what fun you have in store.

You’ll learn things that make some sense

You’ll feel AWKWARD – such suspense!

Even so, you’ll laugh out LOUD

Join the fun – and JOIN the CROWD!


P and U and letters like that

Puberty, Uterus, who’s getting FAT?

Pituitary, Underwear – what did you SAY?

How can people learn that way?


Hands on, Hands off – In your FACE

You’ll be marching right in place

Moving, laughing, singing songs

DRAW the LINE at Sing-a-longs!


Listen, Learn, and Laugh a LOT!  Hear her out – I say, WHY NOT?

Teens are searching, parents lost – this will help redeem the cost

of disconnected “proper” tone. Know that YOU are not alone!

PARENTS NEED to play this game. Trust me. You won’t be the same.


Why not spend a little time putting up with Seuss-like rhyme?

You’ll be better off for this. You will have to reminisce!

Think of the music, the laughter, the KISS

Was there a flower? A feeling of bliss?


Body and BRAIN had a battle in YOU

Do you remember the way it went through?

Who was the voice when you started to balk? Who did YOU listen to?

Who gave “the TALK”?


HOW did you learn what you wanted to know?

Were you informed or did you run the show?

WHO was your teacher or HOW were you taught?

Values and morals – just HOW are they caught?


Truthfully speaking we all want to play –

Some will say STOP, others like to be ‘grey’

Telling a lie that we really are GOOD

Knowing the battle is burning like wood!


COME on! Be honest and tell what you know

Screenager innocence “goes with the flow”…

Nobody plans for their pants to be down

Suddenly innocence looks like a clown.

Pregnant by ACCIDENT?  Pregnant, indeed.

Where were the answers when they were in need?

WHO gave the voice that would teach them a way

Out of the PASSION? And what would it say?


I’ll tell the answer. It’s simple. Effective.

“Orange Juice Escape Route” – internal Detective!

Really. It’s Orange juice…or grapefruit or cran

Anything cool that will alter the plan

To get out of dodge and get somewhere that’s cool

Fanning your passion – go jump in the pool


Start laughing or focus on something that’s fun

You’ll be so glad when it’s all said and done.

Things reproductively work like a charm

Pregnancy – teenagers – SOUND the ALARM!


We have a system that knows how to work

Problem is, somehow it goes “all BERSERK”

When passion ignites it and when you’re in gear

Nothing can stop it unless you can HEAR


The voice in your head saying,

This is the voice – Passion won’t stop. It will lessen the choice!

When things get PASSIONATE, go take a BREAK

Orange Juice awaits you, for goodness sake!