You can call me Sue.

What does this spell…?   XxX
Did you say EXCESS SEX?
I didn’t think so, but I make it EASY to TALK about.

I absolutely love teaching health. I was born to do that. I never realized, until I started teaching in the health classroom just how prepared I was to handle the curriculum. (WELLNESS, Fitness and Nutrition, EMERGENCY Care, DRUGS and SEX, which was cleverly labelled “Human Growth and Development”)

Raised as a “Good, Catholic girl” in a family with six sisters and two brothers, always a dog and a few stray pets along the way in the Midwest, I believed I was a good girl. But like the rest of the population that is not born “knowing” about SEX or lust or anything on the edge of sinful, I learned by watching, listening, asking, smiling (unknowingly laughing at times) and hugging – touching.


F ocus   L isten   A sk   S mile   H ug

It’s how ALL of us learn once we start understanding words and talking. That is what teachers do. They help students to understand words by teaching with words. Vocabulary is the essence of understanding. So we teach vocab. Until it comes to the topic of (better whisper) s-e-x. There are things every child wonders and every parent, sooner or later, avoids. Words. Descriptions. Regret.

This is where I put on the cape. My “SEXpert” body of work, ‘exposed’ for the good of those who need my help. I call it, “Contraceptive POETRY

My PASSION is FLASHin’ the parents who care.

I know they are wanting the story I share! 

I want them to listen, to smile and ask,

“What can I say?” I will give them a task!


Tell them your story. You have to REFLECT.

Then take a moment. EMOTION. Select.

Choose what you went through when YOU were their age

You can CONNECT on the very same page.


YOU have known PASSION. (Your virgin has NOT)

You need to tell them BEFORE it gets HOT.


Three colored lights will be all that you need.

Don’t put it off–while you still have the lead!

You have a job as the one with a voice.

YOURS will be PIVOTAL… help with their choice.

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