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3E’s: Educate, Engage, Entertain

All Parents want what’s best for their child. I can help you to find answers that fit your own style. All three topics are designed to give valuable information, get the audience to take action before it’s too late, and ‘go the distance’ with humorous and relatable examples from my life as a Health teacher, Mom and Friend.

YOUR PAST, revealed in the PRESENT, will affect THEIR FUTURE.


Potential Speaking Topics:

The SEX TALK Made Easy: Book talk

The Orange Juice Escape Route

Best seller book, BEST seller impact. The SEX TALK Made Easy. DARE to PREPARE! Take PASSION Head On!

EXIT ONLY is a way out.

SEXIT ONLY is a way IN!

Inside out and Upside down. This will turn your life around!

MELTINGness. I guess that’s not a word. But it is definitely a relatable feeling.

It begins at night, in the dark, and we are alone on the couch. Quiet, peaceful and I’m feeling a little bit naughty. We kiss. We recline and in only moments we are lost in time. Bliss. MELTINGness. It leads to PASSION. Time for Orange JUICE!

This particular story has been my most-requested, best remembered story of all. I still come across students who remember the Orange Juice story. Even on his wedding day one former student confessed to drinking a LOT of Orange Juice! I even get the gift of OJ from former students (although I would rather have cranberry juice!)  Learn all about PUBERTY and PASSION in this talk about DEVOTION and COMMUNICATION.

Key to LIFE: Top TEN Game


Teaching Health classes since 1980 has made me become aware of what middle level students know, DON’T know, WANT to know and NEED to know. I have called myself a “Sexpert” and that is what I am. You won’t see me cringing or feeling AwkWARd. I know the drill. And the GAME. And I can train you, too! Ten Steps to Consequences will get you there.


I talk like I teach. I use the “hands on” approach, along with audience participation and engaging conversation. This is geared for parents who want to approach the UNIVERSAL topic with VITAL truth. When it comes to the KEY to LIFE, you want their PIVOTAL choice to be one they don’t regret. The audience will play TOP TEN together in a playful but serious way. The goal is to go from AwkWARd to comfortable, confident, and connected.


Leave a F L A S H That LASTS!!


By far the most entertaining of her “talks,” Susan takes you from Britain to Brooklyn to the Bayou. Her theatrical voices tell the story all of us need to hear. You might even enjoy, “All the World’s a Stage” with Shakespeare! From FLASHing cameras, to FLASHing HAZARD Lights, to the life-saving FLASHING button on a Defibrillator, Susan will prepare you to Leave a F L A S H that LASTS!


Audience participation is optional, but most everyone has fun with the 5 ‘F’ interview, the “aging” scenarios, and the Crazy 8’s warm up. This will take you inside-out and upside-down. It may turn your life around! If You NEVER Forget Where the Beginner Began, You’ll DO What You Gotta Do! Follow the 3 Flashing Solutions that WORK! FOCUS, LISTEN, ASK, SMILE, and HUG. Leave a F L A S H that LASTS!

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